Thursday, March 02, 2006

For the Birds

Since I am pointed at birds at the moment I thought I'd share these two photos taken in Montana in 2004 and 2001. The bear was after some fat in a feeder. It did climb up into the tree and afterwards it hung around the garden picking fruit and eating compost until it was eventually sent on its way. Such excitement!

That's a Kanzeon statue on the feeder. The cat loved to perch there, thus ensuring birds wouldn't!

Somebody left a comment yesterday asking that merit be transfered to the very many birds dying in Europe as a consequence of Bird Flu. I offered incense for them this morning at the Kanzeon Altar. Feel free to join in the offering of merit.

I've been in homes where there is an altar specially set up for remembering animal friends who have died. Performing a short ceremony to remember the creature can be helpful for children and adults alike. On the altar mentioned there was a veritable 'farm yard' of animals placed in rememberance. Perhaps I'll buy a little bird for our Kanzeon Altar.