Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Inner Strength

Sometimes people drop me a note with follow up thoughts on a posting. Here's a copy of a recent email, published with the authors permission.

In response to your blog on decrepitness....................

I once meditated in this Anglican church. Upon arrival an older man in a powered wheel chair was cruising by. I thought nothing of him. Once inside the church I sat in the pew and meditated for some time. I walked outside slowly. Trying not to get swept into the rustle bustle of the city. As I came around the corner of the church where the labyrinth is (one of my favorite meditation spots) I noticed an empty wheel-chair sitting to the side of the labyrinth. I then noticed the man from the chair, (he was) inching his way slowly around the labyrinth every once in awhile sitting back in his chair to rest, then going again.

Something inside me churned. To see so much strength in an old feeble body. So much perseverance*. To this day it reminds me that strength lays inside.

*Persistent determination