Friday, June 09, 2006

Remembering Moments

Over in Japan Iain in a posting titled Foot prints in the Snow, remembers an event in early childhood. He says, an intuitive sense of 'the transient' really touched me.

There is just something about foot prints isn't there.

I must have been, Oh about 16, out walking high on the South Downs in Sussex. Photography was just starting to be a hobby, black and white film in those days. On the chalky white path I came upon a pair of discarded cheap black patent leather women's shoes. They so struck me that I took a number of pictures, one with the shoes arranged as if 'walking' up the path. This was one of the first times I attempted to capture something I felt on film, and never felt satisfied I'd caught it. I still can't say what it was however I'll always remember coming upon those shoes. Perhaps that too was about transience, after all 'Where was the person'?

House Keeping Note: You may notice a change in the way I am linking to other blogs and web sites. This comes through reading about the original 'weblogs' which were link rich. Their aim being to encourage people to follow links through the means of informative 'link text', that's the underlined and highlighted text. Early web sites worked hard to keep people on their site, weblogs worked hard to get people to leave!

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