Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rustling Mind

It’s evening time. The wind is getting up again. Huff, puff, and rustle, BANG! The house doors slam and papers fly across the table. And just as quickly it is still.  Save for the rustling trees, the humming fridge and sounds of children back in the play park.  

Oh, but that the inner storms would come and go with as much ease! The huffs and puffs are, after all, just as air moving through the mind, catching and flying the thoughts like papers in a wind. And like the storm, if sitting still is part of the practice in our house, just as quickly all may settle down. Save for the gentle sounds of papers falling to earth! The echoes in the mind and they fade too, given half a chance.

Come to think of it, listening to the echoes fade rather than drowning them out with more noise is an excellent practice. I’ll have to remember that. There’s quite a bit of paper rustling in my mind this evening!