Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Perfect Apple

Driving down Highway 101 in Northern California, last Friday. The evening was drawing in, it had been a long day preceded by about a week of long days.

It was about 8.00 pm. Another hour to go before arriving at the Berkeley Priory. News on the radio, "Throw away your spinach". (Several cases of food poisoning had cropped up in the US, traceable to contaminated spinach). Then I remembered the apple I'd been given hours before. Picked ripe from the tree in the garden of good sangha friends, especially for me. What a treat, it was the perfect apple remembered and appreciated at just the right time. Thanks, it was the perfect apple.

This is the 400 posting on this blog. And where better to write it, in true travel style, than sitting in the British Airways departure lounge in Terminal 1, London Heathrow. By my calculations I've be 'on the road' and in their air for over 24 hours.

In half an hour I'll be winging my way to Throssel Hole Buddhist Monastery. I'll not be traveling much for awhile.