Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Millions of people, both local residents and visitors, enjoy Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty every year - many without realising they are in a protected landscape.

Well I certainly didn't know I was living a protected landscape, an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We are within the North Pennine AONB, one of very many areas in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so designated.

This afternoon I was invited out for tea. We drove up the West Allyn valley, then turned left over the moors to Allenheads at the top of the East Allyn valley. There in a pleasant cafe within the lead mining heritage center where we had our treat. Later we headed down the East Allyn to Allendale Town, known by many as the centre of England. And then back up over the moor to home. That's all within outstandingly beautiful countryside, naturally. And now that's official!