Saturday, January 20, 2007


From yesterday in the kitchen. A guest is slicing rind off fresh, rock hard, Parmesan cheese.

'Careful how you go there, don't want you cutting yourself'.
Answer in thick Scotish accent: 'Reverend Mugo! I'm a painter and decorator'!
' you are'.
'What's that got to do with it though'?
'You know, paint scrapers and that'?

Accidents do happen in the kitchen including some deep cuts needing trained medical attention. Being in the kitchen around sharp knives reminded me to draw attention to a posting, How to care for an amputated body part. Be warned there is a photograph of a dismembered forearm, not something one witnesses every day. Perhaps it is good to witness though.

In the article there's practical information on what to do with a severed body part. Yes, it is written with humour and a light hand, the subject however is serious. No mistake about that.