Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lay Tea

Community life involves shared responsibilities and shared work. We have rotas drawn up each week and today was my turn to attend afternoon tea with the resident lay guests. I have often thought this blog reminiscent of the kinds of conversation that develop during one of these informal 'lay teas'. And, sure enough, a number of familiar themes arose during this afternoons tea.

Let's see, there was a question about some obscure lines in one of our scriptures about six sticks of ree, and the diamond sceptre branches five which I struggled through while drinking my mug of tea and eating chocolate biscuits. No, that wasn't reminiscent of a posting that I can remember. There was discussion about feeling at home here and feeling home sick here and about feelings generally and how to deal with them. This is more like it I think.

As a conversational gambit when things slowed down I mentioned February and how I'd written about it on my web log. Then I went on about how February is a hard month, how when living in the country the changing seasons have a greater impact. And here I strayed off the path. So, since plants are influenced by the seasons it makes sense that we would be too... and that's why Sally might have been feeling sad yesterday! Not very edifying though, likening a guest to a plant! Although I do think we are influenced by the changing of the seasons.