Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring in The Air

Why do lambs gambol together, run races and leap in the air, from a standstill, for no apparent reason? Why do young rabbits role and tumble and whirl in a ball, in the middle of the road? Why do small birds shake and fluff while standing on the spot building themselves to a frenzy, then issue up unseemly squawking. Why is it that young sentient creatures just can't keep still?

I was driven to Newcastle this afternoon to make my final visit to the Chinese doctor and collect my last weeks worth of medicine. Spring is in the air. Looking out towards Scotland, and in all directions, there is green. There is so much green I can hardly believe my eyes. I'd forgotten what green was or how green green can be! Amazing. Perhaps the grass is singing and shaking along with the birds. Look! There's a hereon fishing in a pond beside the road.

At the mall the interpreter said the doctor said, You're not perfect! I'm happy with that. You want more energy? (As if it's something for sale.) Well no I don't want more energy. I'm fine now thanks. I spread my arms wide to demonstrate how fine and full of energy I am. If I need more energy, I'll rest. We laugh together and get on with chatting about writing web blogs and how I'd written about the good doctors simple advice. Perhaps the interpreter, and manager of the store, is reading this.

Energy is interesting. It's easy to see in the young and it seems they have too much. Energy seems to diminish with age but I'm not so sure of that. Perhaps unlike the tweeting bird or gambolling lambs we have the capacity, now we are full grown, to live in a more dignified way and express a steady vitality, which is no less energetic for all that.