Friday, August 17, 2007

Gardens are like Friends and Family

Gardens, like friends, are rewarding when they bloom and grow. Frustrating when things don't go according to plan. Disappointing when after hours and hours of back breaking work results in one small step made. Perhaps one stone removed in a path to make it flat. Is it all worth the effort?

What else is there to compare? Some days are better than others, some years are better than others! Often conditions for growth or resolution are not optimal and still the need is there to DO something, none the less.

AND there are the small simple things that go unnoticed, too often. Not good or bad, not right or wrong, or beauty set against ugliness. Not any of that kind of thing.

Within all of this is a belief that things must/should/aught be a certain way. They don't.

Talking of gardens and gardening, a reader sent me a link to this garden near Lancaster, looks like it's worth a visit. Maybe worth a visit with a friend, or family member? Or just go alone for a change.