Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Training a Tree the Bonsai Way

I must admit that I was attracted, initially, because this little plant looks well, 'unusual'. That's the kindest I can be. On Monday on my third visit to IKEA in as many weeks, I'd definitely decided against buying. But I weakened. A forest of them had been shunted into a siding, they were obviously on their way out. Feet first! Neglected, soil dry as a bone and the leaves were falling fast. How could I not change my mind? If I'd been my mother I'd have asked for a reduction in price, to take one off their hands.

Last evening while researching how to care for my new found friend I discovered, with some horror, that I was now in the presence of a Bonsai tree! The instructions repeat, many time, 'this plant is totally reliant on you for it's care and survival'. Somehow this fact has captured my attention on more than the every-day way of caring for a plant.

It is a symbol of so much that comes with having disciples. The joys and sorrows and the constantly being there for them. The heart connection that grows comes from care and attention, tenderness and benevolence. It's a two way street too. So I'll embrace what I've come upon, by accident or...no I'll not go there.

I only hope I find somebody to advise me on how to train it! At the moment the branches look a bit of a sad mess.