Monday, September 24, 2007

Window Rattling

We met for our day retreat in the Friends Meeting House building which is very close to Manchester Town Hall. As each hour arrived the booming out of the Town Hall clock left us in no doubt to the passing of time. So loud, so very loud that at first we all thought something bad was happening out there in the streets of good old Manchester. Window rattling chimes.

Then today news of a tornado, or many mini tornadoes in England. One of our monks reported her experience of being in a house when one passed by. One moment calm the next car alarms going off, glass breaking, curtains sucked out through an open window. Moments later a return to calm and the wreckage strewn on the street. The house will need to be re roofed. Window rattling weather, and then some!

Richard said...
I used to walk to Battersea Park twenty years ago from Earls Court in the evenings and hop over the fence to walk to see the stupa by the river. One winters evening there was a gale blowing. As I climbed on the monument, there was no wind but the wind could be heard howling with the trees creaking and rustling away. I walked round looking at the four events in the Buddhas life in this zone of tranquility and stillness. Then I walked off the Stupa back into the gale...

Above is a comment left on the posting Wind and Rain. Copied here because of the connection with this posting, and the connection to practice. That's the fast changing 'weather' of practice, which one can become so very easily shaken by. Or rattled!

Take care out there.