Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sanding and Gritting

Trog, dog of the blog! Jazzy from Edmonton, eat your heart out.

Just having a bit of fun. I'd not want any cat fanciers to have their whiskers bent out of shape due to lack of cat photographs. Which reminds me of a cute cat event I witnessed the other day. Sadly I'd not got my camera with me at the time.

A new postulant was being instructed by the Head Novice. They were sitting in the novices common room gazing intently at a piece of paper on the table. Sitting on the table was Smudge, the novices cat. He was gazing at the paper intently too! It turned out that this was instruction on how, when and where to salt and grit the paths around the monastery. More signs that winter is approaching, not that we have that much snow. Ice, yes. Smudge will be out there stalking wildlife in the snow and ice, given half a chance.

A member of Trog's extended, human, family has recently died. This posting is offered in memory of the newly past on one, and for his family.