Friday, February 15, 2008

Age Will Not Weary

When my mother reached 60 she was jubilant. Any reductions for O.A.P.'s? she'd ask, fairly much anywhere she might be in with a chance. She'd be proud of me to-day since I applied for my National Bus Pass Scheme pass at the local Council offices in Hexham. Senior Citizens (over 60?) have long been able to travel free locally during off peak times. Come April 1st that privilege will be extended to cover all of England. The woman at the council offices praised the scheme, Helps them get out of the house she said, then looking at me and realizing I was about to be 'one of them' moderated here enthusiasm. Well obviously I'm talking about the elderly, not the younger ones (like you?). All taken in good part and I've not quite achieved 60 years however when I do I'll be ready to climb aboard and proudly, jubilantly, show my fancy new pass. There are amazing opportunities to be thrifty. I wonder what my dear mother would make of all this. Born in 1908, would she have embraced the Internet had she lived on?

O.A.P? = Old Age Pensioner, a term we tend not to use these days.