Sunday, February 24, 2008

Complimentary Tea

Progress with the new Jademountains site is going ahead apace. It will however take me some time to learn how to 'drive' the new behind-the-scenes machinery. Nothing is hurting for Jade being off-line so there is no rush to open up the doors before all is ready.

Being away from the monastery and my usual daily schedule provides me with an opportunity to contemplate the direction I'd like to take in terms of my on-line activities. It's likely I'll continue to write chat-over-a-cup-of-tea style and perhaps there will be more overt Buddhist teaching as well.

Now traveling down through England on the east coast line. Somehow I've been seated in the First Class section of the train and nobody wants to move me. Tea madam? I'm asked. Yes, with milk please, I reply. How much will that be? Oh that's complimentary, as is the Wifi connection to the Internet. Uh! here comes the tea trolley again.

Thinking about it the nomination of Movingmountains for an 'award', as mentioned yesterday, is complimentary in the other meaning of the word. Not something to get all worked up about of course however it is helpful to know the Buddhist blogger community thinks what is written here is worth looking at.