Monday, March 24, 2008

Oceans of Merit Needed - Cat Adoption

A reader is relocating from Florida and needs to place her two cats before the end of the month. This is heart breaking for a devoted cat lover. She may need to drive West with them on the back seat...unless they find new homes.

Today I definitely got both cats up on the shelter website -- if you want something done it's necessary to do it oneself sometimes. There must have been a miscommunication last week, as I thought they were set to put Mitra up then. Anyway, now they're both up here, under adoption.

Looking at the cat adoption site it's clear oceans of merit is needed for them to find homes. Offering merit is just about all I can offer at this point.

Mitra Domestic Long Hair, Dilute Tortoiseshell

Suzy, a green eyed 'senior'.