Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Search of Spring

Monday afternoon with no particular place to go and with the car radio on, I pointed south towards America. I quickly fetched up at an antique's mall in the small town of Leduc, 30 mins south of Edmonton. Leduc is directly under the flight path of Edmonton's International Airport, the main north/south train line run past one side of town and the main north/south road runs past the other side. A great town for train or plane spotting, most people just drive past on their way to somewhere else.

After a long wander in an antiques mall and a quick spin around a Dollar Store I followed directions to a lake, Telford Lake. Hiking briskly down the trail beside the lake there didn't appear to be much of anything going on in the wild life department and everything was brown and still. That's until I got up close to some catkins hiding their exuberant red new life. Spring is on it's way, bursting through in unobtrusive and delicate ways, easy to miss if you're looking for daffodil's!

Ruffed Grouse

Big Bird

Blue Lake

Flat field