Thursday, April 20, 2006

Our Scriptures

What a find! I'd no idea that all, or at least the majority, of the scriptures used daily within our Order are posted on-line.

The Dharma Cloud Trust is the web home for Rev. Master Chushin a priest of our Order living and teaching in Newport, South Wales, UK. So, South Wales is where you will find the scriptures.

Rev. Chushin has a special place in my life as it was through a friend of his that I learnt about Throssel. Previous to that I took photographs for a community newspaper he started in a Newport neighborhood. Latter he was the OBC Journal editor at Shasta, and I typed it. A long and happy association. Grateful to him for getting permission and then posting the scriptures.

This link was found by a congregation member in Edmonton, thanks Mike. And tomorrow there will be another link to a hidden gem of Dharma found by him on an Order web site.