Saturday, April 08, 2006

Once Lost, Now Found

It's been three weeks since I registered my lost purse on the Vancouver Airport web site. And since doing that the purse has faded from memory. Lost, forgotten and let go of. This evening I received a phone call. "We have your purse!", she said brightly. "I'll mail it on Monday".

I feel like I have been given the purse all over again; wonderful. So, a big THANK YOU to Dawn and all the staff who deal with found items in Vancouver Airport, and airports everywhere. And I will certainly 'look up' should an item of mine ever get lost while I'm traveling. 'Lost' doesn't automatically mean 'stolen'. There are crowds of good people in this world who find things and who then take the trouble to hand in what they pick up. And thus grateful people get their stuff back. That's me this evening, a grateful person.