Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flower Show

Today is the last day of the Royal Horticultural Societies prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London. This year there has been a bit of a controversy about a garden called Through the Moongate which is a western take on a Chinese style garden. The problem, spotted by a couple of Chinese students, was something to do with a dragon facing the wrong way and a statue of Kanzeon placed too low to the ground.

I stepped across the yard to take a look at our garden. Kanzeon is very low to the ground, in fact the statue is standing directly on the earth. Strictly speaking one would raise it up out of reverence and respect. My guess is that this little patch remains as it is out of respect and remembrance of the person who cared for it, who is no longer resident here. Could be wrong.

Kanzeon in the garden.

Yellow Tulip called Yokohama

Lovely day here, although as I look out of the window the sky is turning grey.