Friday, May 25, 2007

Not Two

One, or two?

The truth....


For anybody familiar with the writings of Zen Master Dogen you will know what 'Not Two' is referring to. Basically it is pointing towards the non duality of practice and enlightenment. I'm just having a bit of fun with these photos of the sheep and her lamb and the captions. Nothing deep or significant I can assure you. Not everything is teaching, although everything can teach!

On previous visits to the Hermitage in Wales the hill sheep were in a sad state of health. They were basically neglected and it was not uncommon to come across sheep and lambs dying slowly from 'fly strike' or some other difficulty due to a weakened system. You can look up fly strike if you really want to. Believe me, it is not a nice way to go. However on this visit I was so glad to find the sheep well and well cared for. So the stress of being surrounded by sick animals was pleasantly absent.