Friday, September 28, 2007

Quintessential England

Derwentwater by Keswick in the Lake District, with ducks.

In other words, if you stand up you are likely to fall in the water!

Each year our chemistry teacher lead a party of pupils from our school in Sussex on a walking tour in the Lake District. We traveled by train, the last part, from Kendel to Windermere being by steam. The South Downs were the highest I'd ever been above sea level, until I came to The Lakes, when I was thirteen.

My first sight of the high fells, as we traveled by coach from Windermere to our Youth Hostel in Grasmere, remain with me now. It was love at first sight. Nothing in this world has ever matched the lakeland fells. I remain forever loyal.

Interestingly I cannot remember ever going out in one of the rowing boats pictured here. I understand they cost, at one time, five shillings for a day!